Putumayo – Indian Groove CD


Putumayo – Indian Groove

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Traditional Indian flavors meet electronica on this fascinating musical masala!

On this collection, we explore the panorama of contemporary Indian music featuring Indian pop and film stars, second generation South Asians living in London and Montreal, European and Caribbean fusionists and yoga instructor/musicians from California. We hope you enjoy this spicy musical masala.

The world has been fascinated with Indian music ever since Ravi Shankar played his sitar for a blissed-out flower power crowd at the seminal Monterey Pop Festival in 1967.

While that event introduced many in the West to the beauty and complex riches of Indian classical music, the popular music of the subcontinent had long been familiar to viewers of Bollywood films.

Bollywood, the nickname for Mumbai (formerly Bombay), is the capital of India’s film industry. It’s also become the default term to describe the country’s film industry as a whole. In fact, India actually has many film hubs producing hundreds of movies each year, almost all of which are musicals. Songs from those films regularly rise to the top of the pop charts.

These days, the sounds of India are instantly recognizable and increasingly influential. Instruments like the sitar and Bollywood song samples have appeared in everything from Shania Twain country albums to Jay-Z hip hop hits. Though not a Bollywood film, Slumdog Millionaire had a Bollywood-influenced soundtrack that became a worldwide phenomenon.

Released October 6, 2017


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