Putumayo – Vintage Latino CD


Putumayo – Vintage Latino

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Step back in time to the tropical nightclubs of San Juan, Havana and beyond with this nostalgic collection of classic boleros, guajiras and more.

While Buena Vista Social Club shined a spotlight on Cuban music of the 1950s, Vintage Latino features some of the lesser-known but equally extraordinary music of that era by musicians from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Puerto Rico and Venezuela. It also includes other Cuban legends and respected trios who performed in caf├ęs and brothels in pre-Castro Cuba. Also included is a Classic Cuban Mojito cocktail recipe.

Vintage Latino is a collection that pays tribute to the nostalgic era of Mexican and Cuban boleros, Cuban sones and guajiras, Argentinian tangos, Puerto Rican trios and Venezuelan llaneras. Also included is a Classic Cuban Mojito cocktail recipe.

In this modern world, where popular music seems particularly disposable and temporary, we hope that this collection of exceptional vintage songs from Latin America reminds you that great music truly can be timeless.

Released August 21, 2015


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