Putumayo – Native America CD


Putumayo – Native America

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Haunting flute music and entrancing vocals reveal the power of contemporary Native American music.

Native America is a collection of music by singer-songwriters and instrumentalists who draw inspiration from the traditions of their indigenous North American ancestors. A collage of styles, the songs on this album are united by the themes of connecting the old with the new and cultivating the continued evolution of music rooted in ancient traditions. Album features a traditional recipe for Navajo wild sage bread.

With sounds ranging from atmospheric flute and drum to soulful acoustic songs by singer-songwriters, the collection provides listeners a glimpse into the diverse world of contemporary Native American music from what is now the U.S. and Canada.

Native America features a traditional recipe for Navajo wild sage bread. Sage, valued by the Navajo for its culinary and spiritual properties, provides this bread with a sweet, aromatic flavor.

A portion of the proceeds from this collection support Seva, a non-profit foundation that has been working for 35 years to provide vision care to at risk populations around the world. Seva’s American-Indian Sight Initiative includes vision screening and prescription glasses for students in Native Communities. The organization also supports vision technician training for Native Americans and vision care outreach and educational services in tribal communities.

Released February 18, 2014


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