Tumbled Stone (single; assorted)


One (1) Single Tumbled Stone, Assorted.

999 in stock


One single tumbled stone, assorted.

We have many stones in stock.  Just enter the approximate number that you are looking for, and we will email you to confirm which stones you want, and how many of each.  Stones include amazonite, amethyst, ametrine, desert rose, emerald, fancy jasper, blue quartz, hematite, green aventurine, garnet, rainbow onyx, sodalite, carnelian, citrine, tiger’s eye, unakite, white quartz and many others.

We also have unique or rare stones and minerals to choose from, at higher prices, including tektite, meteorites, moldavite, Korite ammolite, and some large specimens.  We also have some rough stones, sold by weight.

Please feel free to inquire !


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