Crystal Oversoul Card Deck


Crystal Oversoul Card Deck

Product Code: 9781644111765
Author: Eastwood, Michael

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Humanity once worked closely with the Crystal Oversouls. They were highly revered within the temples of Lemuria and subsequent times when communication between the inner planes was stronger. As those times have faded in human memory, humanity has also forgotten its history. The Crystal Oversouls hold keys to our awakening and to remembering that we are all beings of light.This set offers:

  • Contains 66 beautiful full-color crystal mandala cards for contemplation, meditation, and connecting with the ancient Crystal Oversouls
  • The accompanying guidebook provides insight into the meaning of the crystals, including their spiritual and metaphysical properties, associated scents, and their connections to the chakra system as well as the emerging higher chakras
  • Includes in-depth meditations and visualizations on each crystal to help readers deepen their relationship with the crystal kingdom
  • Offers access to 22 downloadable crystal meditation recordings
  • Box size: 7.5 in x 5.25 in.


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